At Lab Made,we believe that enjoying good food doesn't have to compromise on good health. That is why all our ice creams are made from scratch, using real, fresh, quality ingredients so there's no need for additives, colourings or preservatives.


    Our aim is to bring you premium freshly made ice creams that are full of flavour. Making them to order means they are never stored in a freezer and retains their fresh, intense flavours.

    We are passionate about bringing you high quality ice cream.

    We are continuously experimenting and developing new, special flavours.

    We are re-inventing the ultimate ice cream experience.



    Nitrogen is a gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe in. In it's liquid state, it is extremely cold at-196℃, perfect for freezing our ice creams.


    The longer it takes to to freeze ice cream, the bigger the ice crystals, so the more grainy and icy the texture.


    Commercial ice creams need at least 10 minutes. At lab-made it only takes 60 seconds. We use extremely cold liquid nitrogen at -196℃ to rapidly freeze our ice creams, resulting in much smaller ice crystals. This gives you the smoothest and creamiest ice cream.


    This is ice cream re-invented


    Nitrogen makes up 70% of the air. We are breathing it in all the time and is harmless to use in our ice creams. At it's liquid state, nitrogen is still colourless and odourless so it doesn't affect the quality of our ice creams.


    However liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and can cause freeze burns if not handled properly.


    Don't try this at home!



    Since it’s opening, Lab Made is recognized worldwide, winning various awards at home and abroad. Awards are as follows:

    Weekend Weekly

    《Best Ever Dessert Awards 2016》

    Weekend Weekly

    《Best Ever Dessert Awards 2015》

    Weekend Weekly

    《Best Ever Dessert Awards 2014》
    La Commanderie Des Cordons Bleus De France And Ghm
    《Recommendation Restaurant 2014》


    Crave Magazine

    《Bites of Distinction Award》


    Cosmo Campus

    《U Favourite Ice-cream Shop 2015》


    U Magazine

    《U Favourite Food Awards 2015》


    U Magazine

    《U Favourite Food Awards 2013》
    U Magazine

    《U Favourite Food Awards 2012》


    Time Out Magazine

    《Best Dessert 2012》


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